3 In 1 Fresh Mini Tube Coffee

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Our revolutionary 3 IN 1 MINI COFFEE TUBE—AS A CONTAINER, A FILTER AND A STIRRING TOOL ALL IN ONE, filled with fresh ground coffee for making better singe coffee in a simpler way without a specific coffee machine.

A traditional single coffee bag can’t provide a strong enough water circulation for extracting most of the essences and aroma; it makes a weak or bitter beverage. A single cup machine is expensive for most of family. Our single disposable mini coffee tube comprising a porous tube, a rolled filter, a top, and bottom to form a complete container that provides the functions of holding coffee, filtering, and stirring in mugs or a coffee machine during the brewing process. The appearance of the coffee tube is as slender as a pen or cigar. This 3 in 1 coffee tube, filter, and mixing tool create a rigid handle that allows user to stir a strong water circulation for extracting more essences and flavor of fresh ground coffee.

A process of shorter and stronger brewing extracts not only more essences and aroma as Espresso, but also reduce bitterness. This disposable coffee tube will be pre-filled with ground coffee or tea, and sealed by wrapping foil as a single packaging for a single fresh service. The closed coffee tube can keep ground coffee fresh and lock aroma inside, it can be used by coffee shops and manufacturers in a wide variety of settings. This new product don’t depend on coffee machine manufacturer, it return quality and style back to food company.

Users simply tears off foil, put into a cup, pour hot water, stir in cup, and then pull the coffee tube out when desired strength is achieved. Your can drink up our fresh, smooth, gourmet coffee everywhere you go. It is not necessary to find external mixing tool and clean up spent grounds, the coffee tube will make coffee brewing in new fashion simple and efficiently.


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    Enjoy favored fresh ground coffee everywhere you go, by carry a few mini tube coffees.
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