innovative mobile phone-aesthetically modified

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It is a simple Nokia phone (Model-6822) which has been aesthetically modified by me by combining parts of 20 dead phones, I have attached an extra watch in it because while you are texting someone then you cannot see the time so the extra watch is to show you the time while you are texting. The extra added act as cover and protect the phone so that even if the phone falls off it is still sturdy. The flap which i have added on the keypad is connected to the answer key so that we do not have to open the flap all the time to answer a phone call. I have added a stand to the phone so that while the phone is on loud speaker mode, a person can keep it on the stand and talk. I have even added an anti-radiation chip beneath the screen cover which protects us from harmful mobile radiation. I have added an extra camera cover so that the camera looks stylish and is protected. When the phone is flipped in its qwerty keypad mode, the screen flap provides a certain amount of privacy when it is opened. The additional antennas give a firm hold grip to the phone when it is in the qwerty keypad mode. The best thing about this phone is that even after adding so many things it still has almost flat walls when looked from the side ,which allows easy removal and loading in the pocket and its weight is only approx 350 grams.


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    Priyank Rangparia
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    The motivations from my college professors.
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