Smart Phone Remote Control

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This "Patent Pending" invention uses a software routine in a smart phone such as on the Android or I-Phone that controls a remote lighted animated display using LEDs, Fiber Optics, EL, or other lighted means positioned in the surface of a sign, clock, or fabric based product such as a plush toy, pillow, backpack, purse, sleeve, etc. enabling it to display changing animations and/or scrolling digital data.

It also supports audio synchronization with changing facial characteristics, color changing patterns, or other unique displays in accordance to a user’s preference through pre-programmed responses or real time morphing audio to match a cartoon character's voice. The invention allows a smart phone to communicate to a product containing a receiver capable of decoding a signal via wireless method from a smart phone such as Bluetooth, Zigby, or other smart phone means available and subsequently displaying a series of sequential images in the form of defined frames of animation or digital data on the surface of an item using LEDs, EL, or fiber optics.

This invention allows one to remotely program signs, wall clocks, toys, and even a sleeve or bag surface to display a caller's ID when a call is received on a phone stored away in a bag, pocket, or purse.

I have developed the digital data and remote animated displays for signs, sleeves, bags, and toys to date and have two software companies creating the smart phone routines necessary to drive the remote displays. More information can be found on my website:


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