Fence Identification (Warning) Device

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This new Invention is a Fence Identification (Warning) Device to mitigate the dire consequences, of Harm and Death, to those who otherwise would IMPACT an un-detected wire fence barrier. This Device is an improvement to the known DIY Vinyl Undersill currently identified as “fence markers” with cut dimensions as 3” X 1½”, as publicized with the “Sage Grouse Initiative” to mitigate the dire consequences of Sage Grouse impacting undetected wire range fencing that is well documented as one of many issues for their population declines. The hazardous issues of wire fence impact issues are well documented thru out the World, especially with Barbed Wire barrier fencing; notably because the wire was not visually detected, especially in low light conditions.

This Device is designed with more than twice the visual surface area, suggested as 3” X 4” for detection at greater distances, has a larger diameter elliptical elongated slot of 5/16” Wide by 1” long X 3” suggested length for wire insertion and free suspension mobility. This Devices improvement is further enhanced with a V slot for a wire fence entry of approximately 45° for simplicity of alignment and push to snap over and encapsulate a wire, yet allow for free motion with a breeze to further compel detection. The V slot also serves as a convenient grip point to easily hold open and remove the Device if desired. This Device is intended for use only on field range fencing that have inherent “stops” as does multi-stranded Barbed Wire or Woven Wire Livestock Field Fence. This Device will not be Slip Resistant installed onto smooth Barbless Wires.

Model Prototype photo illustration No. 1 Shows Device self supporting onto multi-strand Barbed Wire at V slot entry. A push down will snap over wire as shown in photo illustration No. 2.

This device can be continuously extruded molded, with a thin wall thickness of approximately .040 using Thermo-Plastic resins in a variety of solid colors (White and Black color packages UV stable for HDPE and Rigid Vinyl have been researched), embossed for identity, cut to length and packaged with a minimal of operator hands on interaction, that in total will make this Device extremely cost effective to manufacture with a single inexpensive extrusion die.

This Invention that is Patent Pending, is available for assignment (ownership) and/or a contract agreement, that the Inventor is open for discussion to integrate, without exclusivity, this new Device with his past Patented and developed, promoted and marketed, FENCE-FLAG® ( WWW.FENCE-FLAG.COM).

These two different products would have a similar function for visual detection, but differ greatly, for cost factors to manufacture, and simplicity to install. FENCE-FLAGS® that have 2 components are Slip Resistant when installed properly onto smooth wires. The new Device, which is a single component, would not be slip resistant attached onto smooth wires; each would have attributes for their individual advantage.


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    Donald J Kaleta
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    Inventor, Research & Development
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    Safety to mitigate the Harm & Deaths of individuals who might impact Wire Fence barriers whether they be Human, Domestic Livestock or Wildlife with common sense and economical solutions.
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