The Reusable Bag You Remember

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Paper or Plastic, Reusable or not, the problem is people forget their bags. You should do this, just like you should eat your vegetables and go to the gym. But where is the reward when you do? What if there was? What if you could save a buck or two each time you remembered to bring your bag with you to the store.

That is why we created a patent pending reusable bag with clear external pockets to hold all those gift cards, rewards cards, direct mail offers, store circulars and coupons.

Besides forgetting their bags, consumers forget their coupons, and missed out on over $300 billion in savings last year, 90-99% of which are still printed on paper!

Incentives work to change behavior, however, rather than create and fund a program why not use something already out there for free? We empower consumers to add their own value to each bag, giving more utility. Do you want a knife or a Swiss army knife?

90% of reusable bags are foreign imports, totaling over 500,000,000 a year. Our product is domestic only made by disabled military vets creating new manufacturing jobs in America. The way we overcome the higher labor costs and beat cheap foreign imports is through the perceived value of this feature, it is the pathway away from commoditization and the only hope for the restoration of domestic manufacturing.

What about mobile? A smart phone will not help you carry home your groceries, you are still going to need a bag, and can always add technology later. Moreover, to work, paperless alternatives require both a change in existing Point-of-Sale equipment and a change in consumer shopping behavior.

We offer proven jurassic technology, with no learning curve now, and our design and use patent will cover the scan and trace components, when the marketplace adopts a standard. Considering that 1 of 7 residents of the United States are "food insecure" and qualify for assistance, can we assume that mobile will cross this digital divide? Stores would actually prefer that you "forget you bags" and charge you each time, and charge you even more for a "reusable bag". In a letter to the Los Angeles City Council, Ralph's (a division of Kroger), went on record complaining a delay in passing a bag ban charge of 10 cents each, was costing $1 million dollars a month in lost "fees" to there LA based stores. Using the Shopping Bag Solutions bag would save the citizens of LA $1 million dollars a month just on bags, a true economic benefit for all.



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