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After opening a carbonated beverage, the beverage will become “flat” and can’t be saved

Save the remainder of the beverage using a sealer.
BUT… most products on the market don’t solve the problem well. This one does. The combined opener & sealer is always on hand

Bombproof opens pop-off and twist-off bottle caps, and features a soft plastic sealer on the underside capable of beautifully re-sealing bottles and maintaining critical CO2 levels — perfect for bombers bottles or your expensive bottle of microbrew.
Using 3D printers, we can customize your beer drinking experience for you!

Opener on top
Sealer on bottom
Keyring attachment
Works on all bottles
Customizable color
Customizable name (e.g. “MY BEER”)
Customizable logo

Bombproof was born out of exasperation. How to keep a beer? You can reseal wine, even champagne. But beer?  It just gets poured out.  Since both the co-founder (Ian Moore) and I are aerospace engineers, we came together to design a beer bottle opener/sealer, Bombproof. 

The company, FullThrottle, is developing this bottle opener/sealer for the discriminating beer drinkers who desire to re-seal their bottles for later delicious consumption. No pumping or other silliness.

Open, drink, seal. 


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    Joe Hackel
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    Joe Hackel has turned his years in the aerospace industry to his second passion: beer betterment. Working his ideas into a startup drives him.
    Ian Moore is into brewing beer and drinking it as well as car repair.
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