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WhizzDrive is a disposable, hygienic attachment for an electric toothbrush which enables its oscillatory motion to be converted to pure rotation.

Benefits to the end user
WhizzDrive provides customers with a powered approach to several laborious oral and skincare regimens.

It speeds these processes, so that they become more effective and more likely to be sustained.

This is achieved by exploitation of toothbrush technology in which the user will have already invested quite heavily, which is increasingly pervasive and yet under-used.

As a light-duty rotary tool, and in conjunction with a range of low cost swappable 'heads', WhizzDrive provides users with a more convenient way to undertake a number of personal care activities. These include polishing teeth, exfoliation, stirring liquids/dissolving tablets, polishing fingernails, removing unwanted hair, fanning nailpolish dry etc.

In making use of WhizzDrive, the user can avoid having to buy numerous separate, powered or unpowered devices all of which take up space and can be expensive.

The re-use of near-ubiquitous technology, offers customers a higher power, general purpose rotary tool for the bathroom (with many of the benefits of eg Rotadenttm, but at a tiny fraction of the cost)

WhizzDrive's low cost allows it to be disposable and thus hygienic. It can be easily switched from clockwise to anticlockwise rotation.

Benefits to Licensees/manufacturers
WhizzDrive offers a novel, multifunctional product with very low production cost (based as it is on ballpoint pen components) and yet potentially high margins (as per the razorblade model). Our target manufacturing cost is in the region of 20p per unit at volume. As well as helping support the high-tech image of existing products, WhizzDrive variants might even be supplied 'free' as a sales inducement for certain sub-brands. The use of biodegradeable plastics in its construction would also enhance environmental protection credentials.

Stage of development
We have a number of working prototypes and two patent applications in-play. As well as having undertaken several independent patent searches in order to determine our freedom to operate, we have consulted with industry experts (including practising dentists) and academics. Our team members have decades of product design and development experience. This has allowed us also to envisage several approaches to minimising production costs, via automated assembly techniques. Please see www.jpjscotland.com



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