Floating Vibratory Utility Pump

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Always when there are torrential rains there is a threat of flooding of basements of houses.

In such cases in each house it is necessary to have an inexpensive, effective special pump and independent electric generator. The basic component of the Floating Unitary Vibratory Pump is the vibrating pump (or pump of other type). For the decision of this problem we have developed Floating Vibratory Utility Pump.

In Fig.1 it is shown Floating Utility Vibratory Pump consists from the vibrating pump 1 which is established on the basis of 2 bobber 3.The base 2 and bobber 3 keep the vibrating pump 1 an above water level. In the course of work of this pump the water arrives through apertures in a protective sheath 4 in a mouth of the pump 1 and sheath 4 are located under the base 2 below the liquid level. In an upper part of a pump the connecting pipe 5 on which water from the pump 1 arrives in a hose 6 (length of a hose is established 20 or more meters).

In an upper part of the pump the tight connecting pipe 7 and an electric cable 8 for connection of the pump with an independent source of an electrical supply.(On fig.1 it is not shown).The base 2 and bobber 3 are executed from plastic material.

On fig.1.1 as an example of the vibratory pump is developed and patented by the authors. 

All component parts of the pump and bobber can be made from various materials, including plastic material. The weight of the aluminum case does not exceed 4.5 Kg.

Vibratory pumps can work in water at full immersing on depth to 40-60 meters and in an above water condition (fig.1). Parameters of productivity of vibratory pumps depending on capacity of a drive makes from 400 to 2000 L/h. Power consumption of vibrating pumps:

0.2 - 0.300 KW, AC - 115/220 V. The basic advantages of the floating utility pump is simplicity, reliability, profitability and amenity of operation in an emergency situation.

The Vibratory Pump which is established on a floating platform is more protected from waste, sand and small stones.

Additional information: www.hightechvibration.com


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