Intelligent Helmet

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This product describes the use of a helmet for safety reasons. Riders ignoring use of a helmet is causing a lot of accidents eventually leading to death.

The total number of accidents in INDIA in 2011-12 was nearly 497,686 out of which 121,618 were fatal. Number of persons killed were 142485 and that injured were 511,394. Deaths without a helmet were 87,654.

The helmet we have designed uses new technologies to disarm the ignition system of the vehicle if the rider does not put the helmet on.

The helmet is comprised of a Pressure sensing area (PSA) which has pressure switches which in turns is connected to a Bluetooth transmitter or an IR transmitter or a ZigBee. A Bluetooth or IR receiver or a ZigBee receiver is put on the dashboard of the bike. Even if the ignition is on, if the receiver does not get a signal from the transmitter then the bike will fail to start.

Condition 1
Ignition on
No helmet
The bike won't start

Condition 2
Ignition on
Helmet detected
Bike will start

The procedure is as follows
When the driver puts on the helmet, the pressure switch/sensors will sense the helmet which in turn will send the signal to the Bluetooth transmitter.

The transmitter will send a signal to the receiver on the dash which eventually is connected to a circuit breaker. The circuit breaker will complete the circuit and the bike will get ready to start.

This circuit will repeat this procedure after every one minute to ensure that the helmet is still on the driver and not being removed.The circuit involves the usage of circuit breakers to break the main ignition circuits. The battery will be powered by the normal pencil cells which can be implemented on the back side of the helmet.

The technology used for this is cheap and sustainable.The total cost of such a product will be such that it can reach the maximum number of people. India and China have the largest number of two wheelers in the world. This technology will offer a superior protection to all the riders ensuring their safe ride.

On top of that each helmet will be given a specific serial number which the system will detect every time and thus ensure the security of your vehicle.


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