Horizontal Axis Helmet Wiper System

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Trend shows that the rate of road accidents increases during monsoon season. This
is because there is very little awareness on vehicle and driving precautions to be
taken before and during the monsoon. INDIA being situated in the tropical region,
receiving rain throughout the year. While riding in the rain, every rider may face the
problem of accumulation of water drops in the windshield of the helmet thereby
reducing the amount of vision. What we normally do is that wiping out the drops
using our hand constantly. Eventually this may lead to lose of control of vehicle and
cause major accidents. So, I came forward with HORIZONTAL AXIS HELMET WIPER
SYSTEM, which helps to improve driver vision during stormy weather.

The concept of this project is to provide a windscreen wiper of horizontal axis for a helmet.The proposed model of the system consists of a wiper system, which is of horizontal axis.
The wiper system is run on a motor ,which is placed along with the windshield.
The power of the motor is provided by a 9v battery and a control system (water proof),which is located at the back side of the helmet.
The wiper system can be removed and reattached whenever needed. So in summer or winter season, you can detach the system and can reattach during the monsoon.

* Complete wiping area. Wipes out the complete water drops in the shield.
* Easily detachable and attachable.
* Aerodynamic.
* Easy control.
* Ergonomic and Good looking
* Economic.

Automatic rain sensing control system.
Charging can be done through the integrated solar panel.


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