Modified water coolers

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This entry comprises a solution to increase the efficiency of water coolers by using the same water which is wasted in drainage. Water that is allowed to drain directly can be used effectively to increase the efficiency of the system to good extent. Water which is normally used for washing glasses or sometimes is let to flow from the taps is chilled. Passing this chilled water on the cool water reservoir and on condenser tubes will increase the efficiency of system. Water coolers working on simple refrigeration cycle are taken under consideration in this paper however this is a solution which can be applied to any water coolers .Either refrigerant or directly water if used for cooling this system can be implied on any of them.

This system, if it is incorporated, can be used to manufacture more efficient water coolers which would save lots of wattage of electricity.


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    Sourav Sen
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    Subcooling is an key to improve refrigeration techniques and when I saw cold water from water coolers being wasted and drained out gave me this idea .India being a hot country use of water coolers is inevitable and through this method it can be made drastically efficient.
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