Cobbler's Workstation

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Here the table is tilted at 12 degrees so a worker can do his work without any troubles. At one side of the table there is a space for keeping lamps. Under the table there is a support to stretch out legs. At another side of the table, there are some racks and a drawer in which a cobbler can keep his different tools like needle, thread, nails, shoe polishes, hammers etc. A cobbler can easily take the tools from the racks and drawer. Below the table, there are some drawers in which a cobbler can keep his necessary things for repairing shoes which are occasionally needed. Beside the table, there is a rack of 3 rows where a cobbler will keep shoes. The height of the chair is adjustable, moveable wheels are attached to the chair so the chair can easily move. The chair is slightly tilted at the back side so it’s really comfortable.

As cobblers become bent, hump-backed, and hold their heads down like people looking for something on the ground; this is the effect of their sedentary life and the bent posture of the body as they sit and apply themselves all day to their tasks in the shops where they sew. Since to do their work they are forced to stoop, the outermost vertebral ligaments are kept pulled apart and contract a callosity, so that it becomes impossible for them to return to the natural position. These workers, then, suffer from general ill-health caused by their sedentary life. This workstation will help them to overcome all this problems .....


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