THERMAL STAR personal body cooling system

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Historically, heat stress related injuries are significant threats to the operational effectiveness of both the workplace and military personnel. Every year more than 50,000 people nationwide visit emergency rooms for treatment. Over 500 fatalities are reported annually. The workplace financial loss is estimated to be in the billions of dollars.

The patent pending THERMAL STAR portable body cooling apparatus will help prevent heat stress and fatique by maintaining body temperature at a safe level. In addition it help increase a person's alertness, performance and concentration.

There are many devices that can cool the body. Curently, vests equipped with fans, gel packs or phase change materials are readily available. These garments cover the upper body, restrict movement an can weigh up to 6 lbs. The THERMAL STAR cooling apparatus is unique since it is not attached to any garment and is capable of cooling the body through its waist mounted air discharge nozzels or by attaching them to spiral air discharge tubes which can be worn over or under clothing.

The market potential is enormous since it will help reduce health, safety and life threatening concerns over heat stress. It is the first product of its kind that will help companies meet safety standards cocerning heat related issues. Systems are available for construction, military, medical, hazmat, firefighting, handicap, law enforcement, first responders, athletes, sports enthusiast, farmers, welders etc. It is ideal for anyone seeking relief when exposed to high environmental temperatures.

Military proven, the first system was developed to keep Army tank personnel cool in dessert conditions where inside temperatures can reach 160 degress F. The new light weight [under 2 lbs] portable belt mountred battery operated THERMAL STAR cooling apparatus contains a high output fan which is connected to outlet ducts that discharge air from waist mounted nozzels. The nozzels may also be attached to spiral air distribution tubes which can be placed over clothing or directly against the body, neck or head. Upon operation the air exiting from the waist mouted nozzels or spiral air discharge tubes create a cooling effect by evaporating body moisture from perspiration.

The THERMAL STAR system will be domestically manufacture at a reasonable retail cost. Investing in the system will have a great economic reward since it will help increase productivity, reduce heat related injuries and can be used as a green substitute to conventional cooling systems, such as air conditioning, when such systems are not available.


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