Wonder Glove

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The Wonder Glove is a unique cleaning tool in that it combines the absorbency of a sponge and the agitating qualities of a brush. Because of its construction, it creates an "action pocket" that acts as a dirt filter, continuously absorbing the cleaning agent bearing the dirt particles loosened by the agitation, trapping the dirt particles and expelling the filtered cleaning agent. The action pocket significantly increases the synergistic effects of combining the absorbent material with the agitating material. The Wonder Glove is made of a "suede like" lined sherpa material, with strips of an olefin fiber material, commonly used in indoor/outdoor carpet. This product was originally designed for spot cleaning carpet, but once the inventor started to use the Wonder Glove, he was amazed to discover that this product could be used on virtually any surface, and it didn't scratch! The Wonder Glove has been used on everything from carpet to the interior and exterior of automobiles. This product is environmentally friendly and machine washable, so it can be used again and again! When reviewed by the Family Review Center in 2013, the Wonder Glove recieved three awards, the Seal of Approval, the Gold Award, and the Editor's Choice Award. In their words, "We LOVE the GLOVE!".


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    Sam Jones
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    I had owned & operated a commercial cleaning business for 30 years, and needed a hand held tool for hard to reach spots, stairs, and corners when shampooing carpet, a sponge wasn't abrasive enough, and a brush was too abrasive. At this point I began my design for the Wonder Glove. I cleaned large medical office buildings, and got the idea for the Exam Table Paper Shredder, just by seeing how much table paper was in the waste cans every night. I knew there had to be a solution to minimizing all this trash, and the elimination of spreading germs was a big added bonus!
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