New Umbrella

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NOW THE UMBRELLA IS COMPLETE ...Every home or car has a regular umbrella. Why not have the Two-N-One UmbrellaSlicker?
*Do your clothes ever get wet from the rain?
*Have you ever left an outdoors sporting event because it started to rain?
*Have you ever walked with a regular umbrella which dripped water down your back?

FINALLY your rainy day problems have been solved!

Introducing the original UMBRELLA/SLICKER. The two-n-one umbrella and roll-down slicker keeps you completely dry!

It comes in a variety of colors, with or without logos, in 4 sizes: small folding, long stick, golf and children. You have a Two-N-One Umbrella which can be used with or without the slicker. You can roll-down slicker tuck under while sitting at an outside/sporting event; you can personalize the roll-down slicker with your company's logo or ANY logo. You can stay dry while walking from your car to office, home, in the parking lot, around school or at a sporting event while sporting ANY logo down the back.


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    Deborah D Mccullough
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    flight attendant
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    I got wet while walking in the rain
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