Holographic TV Projector with 3D Capabilities

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Times are ever changing and consumers are getting bored with their current electronics. Companies are constantly having to evolve their products to satisfy consumer demand. Eventually, times will evolve so that consumers are able to experience the holographic projector TV that has 3D capabilities.


The holographic projector TV was made with a base that projects light upward, into the ambient air. The background light wave provide a thick canvas that can separate itself easily from the other elements in the room, sort of like a sun ray in which onlookers can view fuzzy air particles, only this will be thick enough that all levels of eyesight can see the light wave. The light wave will maintain an intensity that will not keep other light waves from projecting their shades, or else it will contain reflective elements that will allow the other waves to dominate in the forefront. These light waves will draw in afterwards to fill in color coordinates that will relegate a moving picture.

3D Capabilities

With the inclusion of the surround system projection theater, this holographic image can come to life as if a 3D model right in the middle of the living room, or whichever room consumers wish to occupy it. The projectors will surround a single spot, allowing the light to be draw towards each corner of the room, as if a cube. The color waves resulting will create shadows and shade that will give a true 3 dimensional representation from moving multidirectional cameras on the screenplay set.


Consumers can add to this setup accessories such as chat room access, video chatting gear with video chat space, and game zone entrance for any games the syndicated broadcast may be linked to or funded with.

Significant Impacts

The system will allow for the optimum in environmental efficiency. Rather than the lighting of the highly efficient, thousands of LED lights that create lightweight interactive systems today; these light waves will come in as streams of light from a much smaller number of nano units that will enhance the capability of the projector to run on lower levels of electrical input. Furthermore, the design will enhance the consumer experience so that consumers can feel like they are right there, a part of the broadcast. They can integrate many of their current web passions into the TV show zone. 3D systems may allow consumers to be more active while still engaging in the entertainment aspect of the broadcast.


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