Sealable & Disposable Coffee Filter Pouch

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Create a sealable and disposable filter pouch for drip or percolating coffee machines.

Most drip or percolating coffee machines have open filters that users pour coffee grounds into; however, once the coffee is made the used, wet coffee grounds in the used, wet filter pose a problem when throwing them away. If the user misses the trash can there's a huge, nasty mess to clean up.

Some coffee companies sell pre-packaged filter packs for coffee machines, which is a great idea, but what if the user wants to use their own "designer" coffee??? No such product exists.

It is expected the pouch would be made of the same filter paper currently in use for normal coffee machine filters; however, it would need to have some sort of closeable seal which will prevent messy accidents.

Additionally, this product would support "pre positioning" of ready-to-go designer coffee packs. Users could establish pre-packaged, rightly measured packs of their favorite coffee which would a). make a pot of their coffee of choice, b) eliminate other people getting the measurements incorrect, and c). eliminate a lot of the accidental messes after the coffee has been brewed.

The closeable seal could be a zipper-like contraption, or it could be an edible one-use glue strip covered by a wax-ish coated protector. Simply fill the pouch with the proper amount of user-selected coffee, peel off the protector strip, press or zip the mouth of the pouch closed and place in the coffee machine. Note: the pouch may have to be "round" to fit standard coffee makers.


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