Upscale Outdoor Lounge Chair

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The current market offering for outdoor lounging chairs no longer satisfies growing customer expectations for relaxation & comfort. Loungers struggle with having to manually move todays lounge chairs for ideal sun/shade direction which creates chair disarray and frustrations outdoors. Sunbathers have to enter the water if they get too hot which interrupts their sun bathing and sunscreen experience. Loungers today have little automated control of desired cushion comfort or incline level. Loungers today struggle to enjoy a personalized hands free entertainment experience while lounging. Loungers today have no intercom system to order lounging sundries. To enjoy an outdoor chair massage today, loungers are forced to seek other means. Hence the idea of an automated lounge chair to solve these needs at various levels! Imagine an automated reclining chair with a push button mister feature to cool down. Imagine a solar tracker panel to automatically rotate the chair to the suns most intense UV rays.

Imagine and automated shade hood for full enclosure for shade. Imaging a single or double occupancy. Imagine massage balls built into the cushion. Imagine a cushion which inflates by air to your comfort level. Imagine Zero gravity reclining comfort. Imagine a built in entertainment system. Perhaps a built in cooler! Perhaps an automated alert if your UV is too high or you've been out for too long! Imagine a build in speaker and lighting system. Imagine a fan cooling feature. Imagine a touch panel with integrated feature control. Imagine and relax.


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    Douglas Walser
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    Raising Twins, Swimming, Travel, Golf, Fishing
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    Like many, necessity is the mother of all inventions. I like to travel and doing so affords me new environments where I can absorb outside of my norm. Additionally, I like to daydream which helps to fuel creativity.
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