Super Swab

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This entry is called the Super Swab. It is a swab applicator for applying various types of liquids onto surfaces for cleaning or assembly.

The unique features of this product allow it to be easily converted to two different lengths and be attached to two different container openings.

Feature #1 -- The swab has two positions (short for quart containers) and (long for gallon containers).

Feature #2 -- The Super Swab also has two different thread diameters that allow it to tighten onto an 1-1/2" or a 2" threaded container opening. These features are contained in the patent on this product.

A demonstration video will soon follow.


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    Jack Roach
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    Jack Roach
    Terry McPherson
    Steve Cole
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    Excel. Pencil and paper
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    Astronomy Fishing Riding Bicycles
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    To design and develop unique products that provide real usefulness to an end user.
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