Bluetooth Enabled Flash Drives

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Due to increasing digitization in recent years, computers and mobile phones are becoming very needy and useful electronics gadgets in our day-to-day life. The ability to store data is one of the greatest advantages in any electronic gadgets. Other than this internal storing ability, when data is to be carried along with the user or the user wants it to store externally, storage devices such as Pen drives and hard drives come into picture. With the increasing use of computers, the external storage devices are also gaining its importance because of its portability and light weight.

Pen drives and Hard drives, popularly known as USB flash drives, usually requires an intermediate computer for data transfer between the storage devices. Since an USB flash drive is a peripheral device, it requires a host - computer. Providing a suitable means of communication between these USB flash drives to enable them to communicate among them without an intermediate computer will prove to be time consuming and enable faster rate of communication. Bluetooth standard can be used to cater such needs.

Our aim is to provide a system of wireless communication between USB storage devices so that a computer or a Laptop is not needed in between, for transfer of data among storage devices. This is possible by implanting a BLUETOOTH module along with the memory element of the USB flash drive. A display element can be used to display the contents of the storage device.

Bluetooth is preferred over other communications since it is cost effective. The biggest advantage of Bluetooth enabled flash drives is that it can, not only communicate with other such Bluetooth storage devices (Pen drives and hard drives) but also with other Bluetooth enabled devices (Mobile phones and even with computers) at high data rates.

Also a computer need not be functional for transferring the data between Bluetooth enabled USB storage devices for which the computer will involve a considerable amount of power usage. A low power battery cell (Rechargeable cell that automatically charges when USB is connected to a computer) can be implemented inside the USB devices to enable the Bluetooth function. Although this proves to be a costly implementation for a low cost Pen drive, if implemented in high cost hard drives, it will provide an efficient and portable ‘storage system in hand‘.


1. Communication with other Bluetooth Devices:
It can transfer/receive data to/from any device that has Bluetooth connectivity.

2. Scroll through files:
Since we have a display, we can scroll through the list of files and get to know about the contents. We can also design the system so as to know about the information such as used memory space as well as free memory space as shown in fig (16).

3. Power conservation:
Providing a wireless communication system between such flash drives using Bluetooth would eliminate the use of computers just only for data transfer. This in turn supports power conservation.


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