eStand 1

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Ergonomics with eStand-1

eStand 1 reduces stress by giving you the flexibility to adjust laptop/desktop screen height to your eye level. Keyboard/mouse height will also be adjusted to the correct level so that an ergonomically comfortable posture can be maintained. Ergonomically correct posture reduces the stress to your whole body.

Key Features

* eStand gives correct place to keep your laptop, keyboard and mouse.
* Laptop (screen) surface may be adjusted from 36’’ to 54’’.
* Keyboard and mouse surface may be adjusted from 24’’ to 42’’.
* Made of high strength steel and powder coated.
* Base plate of the workstation is made of heavy steel and highly stable.
* eStand helps to maintain correct posture while working on the laptop.
* eStand is suitable for home-use and office use.
* Made in India and specially designed for Indian people.
* Multipurpose – may be used as simple table or presentation desk.
* Light, good-looking, durable in use.
* Single lock controlled- easy to adjust and use.
* Adjustable base-buffer (leg) assembly to adjust on non-uniform surfaces.
* Only product in India which gives you flexibility to use a laptop in sitting as well as standing position.



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    Ashutosh Kumar Agarwal
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    Pain of neck/back/head/shoulder/wrist pain inspires me to design a stand through which I can use laptop in correct ergonomic posture.
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