Flight Rest Guardian device

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How many of us have heard of someone dying during air travel? Many of these persons died from cardiac causes, such as myocardial infarction. It is also likely that the health crisis was precipitated by low blood oxygenation while sleeping, a frequent consequence of air travel in pressurized cabins. Using the wearable Flight Rest Guardian prevents a traveler's blood oxygen from dropping to dangerously low levels, and reduces the risk of potentially life threatening events.

This Flight Rest Guard device has been designed to be used by those passengers that suffer from Sleep Apnea and do not carry their CPAP masks to the flights. These passengers may be at a greater risk for heart troubles during air travel, because we already know that there is less oxygen in the cabin (similar to 2,500/3,000 mts of altitude) than on the ground. Using this device they will evitate the hypoxia, by ending their airway obstruction. It will give peace of mind to them.

Airways companies can benefit with this, offering to their clients. And the passengers would prefer fly in these companies. Cruiselines and Railways companies too.



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