Password Enabled Electronic Lock (PEEL) with GSM Capability

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- Use in home security application
- Accepts up to 10 user names and passwords and stores them to memory.
- Accepts cellphone number and store it to memory.
- name up to 10 characters.
- password 4 digit number.
- plug and play fits to any type of door.
- Network selection (SMART, GLOBE ,SUN and others).
- Keypad Matrix (similar to mobile phone format).
- 9V 1A DC powered.
- with 700++ lines of code, to make the system efficient and fail proof


Upon initial setup (using SETUP button) the owner inputs the cell phone number where the message will be sent. After that he/she can input up to 10 names and passwords. Once complete, the circuit needs to be reset to store the input data to the memory. The owner/user can now use the password enabled door lock. An sms notification will be also sent to the cp number inputted once the number is registered successfully.


Every time a password is correct, the circuit will send the name corresponding to the password stored to the cellphone number registered. The owner/user has only 3 attempts to enter the correct password. If after 3 tries the password is still incorrect, an alarm will sound and PEEL will send an sms message to the cell phone registered that there is a unauthorized entry. It has also a switch (BYPASS) to bypass the password, in case there is a event in your house where a password is not needed. Flip back the switch and the password is enabled again. The password digit will be displayed for short period of time then will turn into an asterisk for security purposes.


This is ideal for home security. It will secure your home and you will know who is entering your home. This will also serve as a log on what time a certain authorized person enters your home/house. It also detects the opening of the door, thus it will alarm once the door is not closed for a specific period of time, providing additional security features.


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