Laundry Chute Basket

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The concept involves a laundry basket incorporating a feature which will allow an individual to deposit clothing directly into a front-loading washing machine via a molded “chute.” Front-loading washing machines are becoming more popular, and the typical consumer currently needs to set the laundry basket on the floor in front of the appliance and lift the clothes up to load. The molded "chute" integrated into this invention is of the correct size to allow it to be inserted into the (typically round) opening in the front of the appliance, hooked over the edge by the lip/handle, and the opposite end lifted up to deposit the clothing directly into the appliance with very little effort.

Earlier this year, I became frustrated with the process of setting down the laundry basket in front of the washer/dryer to lift up the clothing into the appliance. I searched for a laundry basket that would allow me to slide the clothing directly into the appliance. Finding none, I constructed the concept model. This concept seems to be a natural "next step" for products of this type, following the market trend to front-loading washing machines and clothes dryers.

I am of the opinion that this product would have the following favorable characteristics:
1) Easily marketable/New to market concept
2) No net raw material use increase
3) Able to be manufactured on current equipment
4) Targeted at the growing market of front-loading washing machines.
5) Allow easier use by individuals with impaired abilities.


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