Garden Tool Rack

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I built a Garden Cottage for my wife and she needed a way to store the rakes, shovels and other implements inside the shop. I first made a shelve that had holes to drop the tools in. It was too difficult to remove them. I then took the concept of a gun rack and made a larger version out of particle board that was screwed into the sides of the wall studs. This concept could be fabricated out of other materials or even molded. A foot could be added to make it free standing or horizontal brackets attached to fasten it to wall studs. A simple solution to my wife's problem and it is in use currently.

I have looked for a similar products but have not found one so far. It seems too simple not to have been done by someone. I would have expected it to be at Home Depot.


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    Ivan Horban
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    A problem that needs to be solved. That leads me to think of what I have knowledge of that may create a solution. The more mistakes or wrong solutions I get the closer I get to a solution. You read about it all the time, one person with a problem while the solution is in another discipline.
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