Detecting Emanations from Planets

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A simple apparatus has been built which can be used to detect direct emanations from the visible planets, sun, and moon. The apparatus is shown in Figure 1, mounted on a six-inch reflecting telescope. It is simply a five inch diameter, six foot long stove pipe with an automotive funnel at the end. The funnel, available at Sears automotive stores, has a flexible metal tube. A clock drive keeps the device focused on the object of interest. The detecting substance is a small amount of water in a glass bottle attached to the end of the flexible tube.

When the apparatus is pointed at the sun, moon, or visible planets, sometimes there is a noticeable change in the taste of the water collected in a bottle hung at the end of the funnel. Effects, as indicated by changes in taste, were noticed after about twenty minutes exposure. Drinking the water produced psychophysiological effects within 10 to 20 minutes. Many different tests were made over a period of more than ten years.

Some of the facts which have emerged from this work are listed below:

1. There is some emanation which appears to be originating from the sun, moon, and at least some of the planets.

2. The emanations interact with water.

3. The emanations have some connection with solar activity and/or geomagnetic activity.

4. The water is affected. Sometimes it tastes different, and/or sometimes it produces effects when it is drunk.

5. The effects are different from the different planets.

This preliminary work is merely exploratory. There are many variables and unknowns which need to be untangled one by one in some systematic manner if possible. It’s premature to make any definite conclusions at the present time. This could take years of research and is beyond the powers of one person. Therefore, it is hoped that others will carry these similar experiments forward in their own ways. Since the apparatus is so simple, anyone can make original discoveries. It should be an exciting scientific adventure!


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