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Currently we are so dedicated to work, we have little or no time to spend with our baby girls or baby boys, we're also leading a sedentary life with harmful health effects, and when we got used to do exercise, we have to do it outside of the home.

This SHARING BIKE project was born with the idea of sharing QUALITY TIME with my little daughter Jamie. She likes so much movement up and down in the slot horses.

This SHARING BIKE is intended to do exercise at home with the bonus to SHARING QUALITY TIME with our children.

For purposes of business SHARING BIKE has two options:

1. Manufacture it.

2. Modify all existing static bikes.

The principle of SHARING BIKE design is to make use of a Cam and Follower mechanism as shown in Figure 1.

The cam is a gear that could be steel or plastic.

The follower is rubber.

For added attraction of the babies can put a horse shaped seat (see Figure 2).

With the arrangement (see Figure 3) , a rectilinear motion up and down would be obtained.

With the arrangement (see Figure 4) , with a few modifications you can obtain a curvilinear movement up and down.


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