Backseat Baby Alarm

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Last year in the summer of 2013, 15 children died in the backseat of a hot car. Accidentally forgotten by their parent, they died alone and confused, terrified, and crying for someone - anyone - to come and get them. My invention, the Backseat Baby Alarm, is a device to prevent these needless deaths from happening. What inspired me to pursue this as an individual inventor/tinkerer is anger. I am angry that the entire automobile industry and moreover, the entire baby products industry has just stood by as these deaths happened year in and year out every summer like clockwork without the slightest concern on their part, at least if one measures concern in terms of real effort and action to come up with a product that prevents these accidents.

My device is very simple. It works just like our cars do now to remind us of our keys, etc - a chime sounds when you open your driver's door. Only in this case the Backseat Baby Alarm is reminding you of something far, far more important. It works with any type of vehicle and installation is "peel & stick". More details and video demo can be seen on my website at


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