Bicycle Stand-Cum-Lock Mechanism

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The idea is to merge the mechanism of a bicycle stand to a lock in order to facilitate the convenient parking and locking of a bicycle. The mechanism comprises of a rod slipping inside a hook with top of the rod and the hook has a facility to be assembled as a lock.

It will reduce the customer effort and will make the parking and locking of a bicycle more convenient for customer. Since the kids are generally careless enough to leave the cycle unlocked in hurry, this mechanism provides the automatic locking facility whenever the stand will be used. It can solve a major problem of College/student with the current locks and stands are not durable and thereby lead to loss of bicycle of students in public places. The use is simple involving just pushing a rod with the leg and both the locking and standing will be acquired.

* Customer Productivity-Purchase: Since this mechanism includes a stand and a lock together in one single unit, so buying this product is going to increase customer’s productivity.
* Simplicity in use: As it is reducing the time and effort in locking and parking the bicycle which can be just attained by simply pushing it with the leg, so the use is simple.
* Convenience in delivery: the suggested mechanism is replacing the old mechanism of locking in bicycle the mechanism is to be offered along with the purchase of the bicycle by customer. So the delivery is convenient.
* Convenient in maintenance: it contains the simple locking mechanism on a rod so the maintenance activity can be accomplished by anyone on the street.
* Fun and Image in use: it is a different mechanism from traditional approach so just pushing by the foot is going to work like shooting two birds with one single bullet, it is kind of Fun for the students who always think locking the bicycle an inevitable burden.
* Environmental friendly disposal: The entity is made of metal and metal elements can be recycled, so the disposal is environment friendly.

Primary Market
* implemented in the bicycles manufactured for Young generation people.
Secondary Market
* To replace the existing lock mechanism in already sold bicycles.

It uses a cylindrical lock with two jaws coming out in the front of it. The jaws are movable to give a final shape of a circle just like the traditional rear lock of a bicycle. When the rod is to be pressed downwards, the jawed lock is stationed to face the U-clip welded to the hub of the rear wheel. This then can be locked with the jaws of the lock.

• The cost involved in the existing mechanism is 200-300 rupees.
• Our product is a combination of both and involves less use of materials so cost will be lower than existing*
*If mass manufacturing is done.
• The approximation cost would be around 150-200 rupees.


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    Deepak Lamba
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    student/friends usually forgot to lock the bicycle so we try to merge the stand and lock together for
    that i have conducted interviews of 15 different age group customers and try to overcome their expectations......
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