Mechanised Mud tumbler Maker

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Pottery is one of the oldest traditions of our country. We have been doing it right from the start of the civilizations. The number of people still carrying out these activities has been declining from the start of mid twentieth century and the number continues to grow thinner. Various attempts have been made by the government and non-governmental organizations to mechanize the process of pottery in order to increase the productivity of pot makers, but these efforts have ended in vain.

The process of pottery involves three steps - preparation of clay, shaping of clay into the required shape and firing process and dry and harden the clay. There are various machines for each of these three processes but not many of these machines can be opted by potters from rural areas due to the machines’ high maintenance requirements.

The objective of this project is to provide a low cost pottery making device that would differ from the existing pottery making machines in terms of ease of usage and cost. The proposed model aims to reduce the labour involved in the process of pottery and help to improve the productivity of the pottery makers. The proposed model that can be used to produce mud tumblers quickly in large numbers and thus make the process more easy and feasible. The model aims to use natural clay itself as the required raw material without any processing or additives. The model is to be constructed through simple designs and smaller components. Dies to be used in our project can be varied in shape according to our need and be used to produce components of various sizes and shapes. Our project will hopefully strengthen the chances of survival of pottery which is one of our country’s oldest traditions and heritage, and will provide livelihood to even more people.


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