LockPuck™ Technology. Mechanically Smart Pin-code Locks

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LockPuck™ is a very unique pin-code lock technology that resembles a hockey puck with push-buttons. The technology is all mechanical and can be manufactured with different mounting brackets to lock-up just about anything, just about anywhere. It is an inexpensive and reliable alternative to existing battery operated pin-code locks. Did I mention keyless?

Using LockPuck technology we created two gun safety products and one child safety product. The WallHolster™, the WallHolster™ Handgun Safe and PuckIT™. Built into each product are two layers of numeric code security. One or more buttons must be rotated prior to the “unlock code” being depressed. The unlock code can also consist of one or more numbers. There are over 314 million code permutations available.

Our all steel safe provides total concealment of a handgun and gives gun owners a reliable and instant way to access their firearm, yet keep them safe from curious children, distraught teenagers and thieves. In addition, I hope my gun safety products will shrink the number of guns stolen and reduce the flow of guns to our inner city neighborhoods.

PuckIT™ is not gun related and is designed to convert a cabinet drawer or door into a light storage vault. Designed to protect children from household hazards such as medications, cleaning supplies, liqueur and cosmetics. It is a real child-proof lock to provide real security. Once installed parents and grandparents will have instant access to their medications, yet keep young children and teens from having access. Imagine the number of children that could be save from accidental poisonings if every parent and grandparent installed it.

Future products using LockPuck technology may include house deadbolts, lock on a shed or bicycle. It’s an excellent way to lock up camper, boat, trailer, RV or resort rental property. Never misplace a set of keys ever again.

Businesses, public housing facilities and rental property could benefit greatly by deploying our keyless locks. Restaurants, bars, schools and hospitals would increase security.

The list of applications is nearly endless. Any place where keyless access and reliability are desired.

By design, LockPuck™ technology is incredibly versatile. It can be constructed in a circular, rectangular or free-form configuration. It can be engineered to accommodate the biometrics of a hand or be scaled down to fit a tool box or small cabinet door.

LockPuck technology is incredibly durable. It can withstand extremely high temperatures (1220° F) that would melt a circuit board and extremely low temperatures (-1218°F) that would make electronics fragile and fail. LockPuck is immune to static and magnetic pulse discharges. It is completely water proof, shock proof and highly resistant to corrosion. It can be manufactured quickly and is inexpensive to install. As there are no batteries to depose of, it is environmentally friendly.

All our parts are manufactured in America and assembled in West Chester, Ohio. We have several US utility and design patents pending.

Our products can be purchased from our website or through a growing number of retail dealers.



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