LiveSync Pointer

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A LiveSync pointer is a pointer which has an extra function: the laser point appears live in a presentation casted online exactly where the presenter points in the room.

The LiveSynce pointer tries to solve a problem which refers to a situation when a person has a live presentation to an audience and uses a normal laser pointer to show different aspects on the board. If the presentation is also transmitted as a live presentation or webcast the people watching the presentation online do not have the possibility to see where the presenter is pointing.

The main benefit of this product is that the persons participating online will have an experience closer to reality.

From my knowledge there are only normal laser pointers on the market right now which have the sole purpose of pointing towards different parts of a presentation for the audience.

The idea could be applied by all the companies that presently manufacture laser pointers.

Whoever decides to implement this extra function would have a lead in the market as it will solve a problem which many multinational companies have.


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    Dorin Cadar
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