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-------------------Vehicle Door Protector-------------------------------------
Howdy readers. As a common automobile user (a common car owner, car fleet owner, or a construction company owning a fleet of cars), we all are used to ensuring that our vehicle is parked in a safe place if it is a public place or even in a multiple dwelling area(apartment, condo, hotels, etc..). It is unavoidable that the vehicle's door gets scratched unintentionally and/or gets dinged or bumped by opening of an adjacent vehicle door when parked. The shape and size of the dings/scratches depends on the intensity at which the vehicle door is opened.

My solution:
This is mainly to safeguard our vehicle doors so that they are not scratched or dinged while we are away. My invention/product will take care of the problem 100% worry free. It is a simple to use product made of durable material and/or metal, and when worn on each vehicle door(4 door needs 4, 2 door needs 2, and so on), will snugly fit to your vehicle and protects your car/truck from dings/scratches when parked. Best part is, it can stay worn/attached to the car/vehicle even when driving, in case if the driver is in a hurry to get to driving.

My patented "vehicle door protector" is easy/quick to use/install and detach, affordable, and makes everyone prolong using their vehicle for a longer duration, thereby lesser new cars manufactured, eventually resulting in lesser carbon foot print for planet Earth. Directly/ Indirectly, my vehicle door protector's will definitely generate more jobs for manufacturing/ Auto Care centers as more people will schedule appointments for their old-but-new looking vehicle's oil change, bulb replacement, etc.. Please read an article that speaks about carbon footprint spent on manufacturing vehicles, to get an idea of what the world will be saving by using my Vehicle Door Protector!, among its other advantages. Cheers!


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