Fish Caller

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My unique design will give the fishing industry something to fish for. Its innovative purpose is to provide fun and entertainment to the avid consumer who fishes. There are many animal callers out there but none as unique as this. Imagine this in every tackle box and the possible fish stories to be told. All you need to do is push the black button on top and watch the fun and laughter begin as your child or grandfather is astounded by the fish call it makes. Guarantee to bring on a smile. A simple design in using a shiny tin type box and simple electronics inside to create the sound when the button is pressed. My background includes aerospace engineering and a hobby in fishing. Combined those two things and look out a new Dynasty is born. This product is tested and ready for market. The sound it generates is in the copyrighted stages. A little hint to as what it says "Here Fishy Fishy Fishy" Enough said. Hope you like it!


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    Tim Reppen
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    Thinking outside the box
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