Pano Band : A Panorama on your Wrist

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Have you imagined what if you could stand at one place while taking Panaroma pictures by just shaking and raising your hand high up to take an entire 360 view around you ?

The Pano-Band is a solution to clicking 360 views in the go , without having to remove your cellphone out of your pocket !

It is a Band . A simple camera , rotating around your wrist .

To talk about where it can be used except at Concerts and Parties ,

It may find its applications at non accessible areas during constructions or Military uses where the band can be directly thrown into a room and it can send the entire wide angle 360 view of the room.
If the idea works out well and fabrication makes it waterproof , The wide angle lens of the camera could be used to capture underwater marine life !

To Describe its working ,

1)The Band is powered by a pull back toy car motor . As soon as we wind the band , the band waits for user's input to raise the hand.

2)After the accelerometer recognizes the gesture on the band, it releases a lock which unwinds the motor . the Camera on the band now starts rotating.

3) After reaching the same angular velocity as the FPS of the Wide angle Camera , the Bluetooth module on the band starts sending snaps to the Smartphone for processing. The images can be stitched or can be manually adjusted by the user to obtain perfect 360 images with appropriate brightness and contract settings.

4) The power required for driving a CMOS sensor in the camera , short range bluetooth and sensor modules on the band is very less
A small internal Wrist Watch Dynamo which generates power from Mechanical unwinding of the band can be used to store the charge in a button sized cell which is the PowerHouse to our electronics inside the band.

5) The gesture sensing modules in the band know when to start taking the pictures and when to stop and send them for processing to compose the Final 360 images

A working Prototype of the model is ready , but would need funds and fabrication to make it reach at a industrial grade product level . According to the team the idea is fascinating and If i would be a camera person , I would defintiely get my hands on the band!



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  • Name:
    Nilay Sheth
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    Team members:
    Ninnad Kulkarni - Design
    Udit Patadia- Mech
    Dhiraj Patil - Electronics
    Kewal Shah- Electronics
    Rahul Solanki - Coding
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    Nature and Automation ! Designs that could ease real life difficulties , minor tweaks that could lead to various solutions , Mixing ideas together into prototypes !
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    Maya , SolidWorks
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