EDU-book: An optimum Student educational tool.

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EDU-Book an instrument created to serve the student for the purposes of basic and extended learning in Mathematics, Languages and Critical Thinking. Other subjects may be included at the users and teachers' options. The device is not a game oriented. EDU-Book makes use of Adobe pdf files with optional audio prompts and excerpts. The system is interactive and completely education oriented. The device is WiFi compatible and operates from a new battery, which is permanent for the life of the device. The EDU-Book utilizes a rear-projection super VGA display with updatability choices in processing power, display memory and speed to support CAD and other highly graphic applications that are oriented towards CAD. A special rechargeable keyboard, that retracts similar to a window shade, operates detached from the main unit up to two feet and is keyed only to that base unit, it may not be shared. In addition, a wireless headphone is also provided, which is similarly keyed to the base unit and may not be shared. Operation is extended for the base unit up to twelve hours and the keyboard and headphone. Operation of the peripheral devices is completely wireless. The devices are recharged, when attached properly to the base unit.

The layout and function of the device is better than a reader in six ways:
High resolution color virtually unbreakable display;
Easy upgrades of processor, memory or display components;
Full Keyboard;
Light Weight;
Permanent battery, charges up fast, never loses capacity;
Does not need a constant internet connection.

In reference to notebook computers:
None-Clam-Shell design is much less breakable and it still functions like the detachable tablet/computer but with all features in a compact form;
Optical ROM program and operating system keeps user ram free for applications use;
Requires less electronic and mechanical contrivances to deliver the same or enhanced function;
Battery never needs replacement and charges up fully in 15 minutes from any wall socket
Quad Core Atom processor 16G User Memory 300G Data storage.
QNX base OS Micro-Kernel functions for OS operations, display, keyboard, headset, graphics, resistive touchscreen.

The author also feels obliged to inform readers that her own two-volume manual “Mathematics” is to be included into the library of this device, as the sufficient manual to prepare any student for any standardized test in any part of high school program of mathematics by giving them all required knowledge(volume I). The manual is currently available on the Internet at this URL: />The second volume (Volume II) is meant for advanced preparation of students, but it is also included in the library of the device. The second volume is also currently available on Internet at this URL:


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