Economical emergency lighting

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A very effective way to save large amount of electricity is shown by this proposal!

Houses have rooms that day and night must be illuminated. Thus, the hours are lighted lamp low power (40-60 Watts)! It's on for years, significant power consumption.

My idea is that based on the mobile phone charger, where an LED lamp installed of maximum power 1 Watt. It is capable of day and night lighting with very low energy consumption.

When the battery charger supply with a small battery, then the lights continue to flash when there is a power failure in the grid!

Very easy to use, engaging in the outlet in the room.
Photos is an example of execution that has successfully been used.
Mass production would provide a low cost product.
This would allow significant savings in the accounts, and significant savings in electricity grid.
Very convenient solution for households and commercial premises. Regular lighting should be used only when is necessary!.

Also, by this parallel light, insects are attracted less.


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