Fano Duster

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Ceiling fan is one of the most common appliances that is used in our day to day life which is to be cleaned periodically. At present, the ceiling fans are cleaned manually which is extremely time consuming and involves manual effort. This led us to design an automated fan cleaning system.

Our design comes under the category of future consumer product. This idea is something new and we are trying this idea to be exclusively useful in industries, schools, colleges, and hospitals etc where the number of ceiling fan count is quite large.

And moreover it also comes under the human ergonomic reduction process, where the peoples get benefited. Because the people are busy with the modern day works and have not find time to clean the home appliances, some may even find laziness to do. So this product will exactly suit to those peoples.

Our product automatically cleans the fan by using ladder mechanism and returns to the normal position. The one function that the user has to do is to align the product exactly to the center of the fan’s dome, and once it has done the cleaning starts. This process repeats for other two blades as well.


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