LapTop Tray - Privacy & Endurance

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LapTop Tray (LTT) provide privacy and DeskTop type of experience to your tablet.

It's an accessory that reflects the modern usage of computers such as working outside in a shared environment (Cafe, planes, railway etc..).

It's a thin enclosure that can be self carried or contained inside a Briefcase or a bag. It packs all the accessory needed, leaving the users free to use its tablet or a smartphone like a PC.

With a wireless keyboard, a sliding pad, two internal Li-Batteries and openings that hide the screen from outside view, LTT has everything needed for your work, your social networking or viewing experiences. No need for cumbersome accessories, plugs or private setting-up. Be ready and relaxed everywhere you want.

Cost-wise, LTT is a molded accessory than can be offered at only a fraction of the Tablet/SmartPhone.



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    Serge Rocha Da Fonseca
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    Solidworks + Simulation Professional
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