Women's Protection with External Camera Mobile

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Women's Protection with External Camera Mobile is 100% more useful for consumer customers compared to other product presently on the market. There are more than 10 to 50 models of gadgets in this world, but none perfectly can be used as quickly with this. With there are different type of gadgets like like pepper spray, spy camera, etc., there is only 50% chance or less that the assaulter could be identified.

Mostly today gadgets are made to get away from the assaulter but not to catch him so that he can be jailed. There are spy cameras but they only do recording and not LIVE casting. This is a weak point in today's spy cameras for protection because if the assaulter knows that the victim has a camera they will take the camera or they will take the USB installed in the camera.

But my Women Protection Mobile is a product which LIVE casts as well as does recording in other mobile and will also locate the correct place where the victim is located in the present situation.

Women's Protection with External Camera Mobile is a simple invention; a female can place the external camera of the mobile which runs on Bluetooth at her index finger with length of up-to Distal Phalanx, when the women feels that she requires safety, maybe on the road or in the office, she speaks with code words. The code words can be anything -- alphabet or numerical number. After speaking this code the external camera will turn ON (switch) automatically it will LIVE CAST within seconds and send the text message location where she is presently located to 3 phone numbers. One phone number for the family member and second phone number for nearby police station and third number for SIM provider (eg : Airtel, Idea, Vodafone) data storage center. This third one is optional; if SIM provider wants it do it.

As there are several models of mobile of different company if victim is using any phone, but her family member is not using same brand of phone, no problem. Anybody can download this software to any phone. Whether its android OS based mobile or Windows OS based mobile.

As Women's Protection with External Camera Mobile requires only one external camera which runs on Bluetooth and software on mobile with these 2 things more than 100% women will get safety.

This invention was submitted to inventwithnokia.com. The image usede is from Google. My invention will look somewhat the same.


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