Futuristic Multi-Purpose Bed

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Multi-Purpose Bed.
The bedroom is a space which builds up a foundation for the future. That is its essential quality. It is a room, which takes the broadest demands as a starting point that is made on contemporary habitats hence necessary furniture are needed as they are of utmost importance.

In this thesis, the design considerations of a healthy and stimulating bedroom environment for all aged people are analyzed. In order to build up a multipurpose environment, the development and the design of necessary items for furniture and the related concepts are discussed. General design criteria are determined to constitute a guide bedroom environment that would reduce much of space and give the most wanted comfort and leisure to the users.
For people who live in small houses, even in caravans the availability of space is very less, hence its usage must be most appropriate.

Bed consisting of an air-conditioned chamber, a number of trays for all electronics such as laptops, tablets etc. and an air cushioned bed has been designed.


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    Manoj Prabhakar
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    Manoj Prabhakar
    Prasanth J
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    Mainly for giving Comfort Spacial living in Hostels, Military Camps, Small Houses such as Caravans etc..,
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