Distance Measuring Wheel - Innovative Improvements

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Problem design idea solves…
Existing distance measuring wheels are only available in a variety of fixed wheel sizes. Small wheel size devices are normally for indoor use, on somewhat smooth ground, or to measure relatively shorter distances. Medium and large wheel size devices are often used outdoors, over rough terrain, or for much longer distances. Ideally it would be best to buy and own only one where the wheel can be changed to a larger or smaller size as the need arises for the job at hand.

Improvements over what is currently available in the marketplace…
1. Unit comes with different wheel sizes which are easily removed and changed
2. Readout display via smartphone or tablet (e.g.: iPhone, iPad, etc.) with wireless connection to the counter sensor at the wheel hub
3. Wheel size can be entered into smartphone/tablet app provided to calibrate counter sensor
4. Alternatively, wheel size can be automatically recognized by the counter sensor upon wheel attachment to the frame
5. App accepts photos taken at the site, allows measurement location points to be marked thereon, and tabulates corresponding distances measured
6. App facilitates appropriate distance readout or conversion for the desired length units (e.g., inch, feet, yard, cm, meter, etc.)

Potential benefits…
1. Enhanced measurement record keeping via smartphone/tablet app
2. Save time with app; for example, quickly share site photos and measurements between the field and main office for clear communication to prevent return trip(s) for more measurements
3. Reduce resource consumption throughout the production supply chain:
3.a Use less raw materials for production of one model to replace several
3.b No need to include output display system; employ end user's smartphone or tablet
3.c Less SKUs for manufacturers and retailers to manage inventory
4. Employ existing, proven technologies and manufacturing methods; resulting in lower production cost with higher product reliability/quality
5. Design enables easy disassembly and reassembly for compact storage and transport
6. Tray and cover provided for smartphone/tablet attachment to the frame and protection in an accidental fall


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