prewired chip carrier MMIC module package

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The prewired chip carrier module package concept is for chip packaging without the need for a wire bonder. Instead you use a tweezers to insert the chip and then replace the cover under the chip from the bottom.

The chip carrier module package consists of a EMPROM top or a dark panel then the prewired chip carrier itself then the gold paddle ground botten to hold the chip inside.The conductive traces part of the chip carrier module are gold guilded with some sort of gold gilding process during the manufacter.

The commercial version: if someone wants to manufacturer the chip carrier in quantity an engineer in the chip packaging field that designs chip manufacturing process could design to make then in quantity and they could then be manufactured. Right now it is just a concept and models and prototypes for the passive radiometer imager project phased array based imager called the majikatek tango. This chip carriers are designed for chip development research in a fab.

The advantage of this chips is they are easier and faster because it is to chip then using the existing wirebonder post molded chip package.There are other prebuilt chip carrier package out there that are hollow inside but they still need a little glue and wire bonding and often times an oven.This chip carrier module packages one only need a tweezers and a pick and place tool or a vacuum pick up tool.The chip carrier module packages because they are hollow inside make them more suitable for microwave MMIC chip use.The advantage of using this or a similar MMIC module chip carrier packages is that one can make a microwave system much more efficient in design lighter and more compact in the current design trend and besides chips can be more energy efficient in design.The chip carrier module packiges have traces are design for wide band high frequency use.All the conductor are gold with real gold for durability in an enclosed dry environment because gold does not oxidase readily.

The chip carrier package is in this example injection molded out of plastic but often times it might be necessary to use metal and ceramics In prototyping there is some prototype processes that could make the prototypes and the equivalent for large scale manufacturing. This chip carrier packages are designed to be used in socketed mount or surface mount application using existing or a novel process that uses vias to connect to the chips..The chip carrier module packiges are designed to be water and dust resistant thus protecting the chip.


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