E Roll Iron

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It is an electronic roller heat iron that helps speedy & safe ironing of cloth. It saves energy, reduces contact surface between cloth & heat roll thereby cloth quality. As it works an electronic heat system with instant heating & thermo control it consumes less than 500 watts of electricity. Above all the roller iron can be changed. Its speed & pressure depend on the type of cloth from heavy denim jeans cloth to light terene, muslin cloth.

E Roll Iron is a safe and excellent substitute for the electric coil iron.

E Roll iron is an electric appliance based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which provides convenient, cool, energy-saving and hassle free ironing. It is an easy to clean and environment friendly appliance to use. Its Soft & Rotating durability, safety and elegance make ironing a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

The principle of induction heating is simple. The coil creates a high-frequency magnetic field and metal objects in the the coil induces eddy currents that are heating it. The hysteresis losses also contribute to the heating. Even for a small coil like this a current about 100A is needed, therefore, in parallel with the coil there's a resonant capacitance, which compensates its inductive character. Coil-capacitor circuit must be driven at its resonant frequency. The drive current is much smaller than the current through the coil. The power supply is a simple MOSFET Half Bridge controlled by circuit IR2153. The MOSFETs have a small heatsink. Operating frequency is tuned to resonance by potentiometer. The resonance is indicated by a LED lamp. The frequency can be controlled in the range of about 20 to 200 kHz. The control circuit requires auxiliary voltage of 12-15Vdc. I am using a 12V, constant voltage power supply using LNK304 and temperature controller circuit using op amp ic LM 311.



1 ) Processing time : Heating and cooling process is much faster -Takes a lot of time to cool once heated
2) safety Measures : Highly safe and reliable - Can lead to electric shocks
3) Reliability : Most reliable due to the advantage - Least reliable due to shocks
4) Preference : Most reliable due to its speed safety and Eco-friendly use and no risk of burning hands - Less preferable due to burning risk n shocks etc
5) Cost Effectiveness : Only the capital cost is the only cost of the product - High Electricity bills due to wastage of power
6) Energy utilisation / energy wastage : 90% is utilized while only 10% is wasted -55% is utilized and 45% wasted
Space Occupied : Least space is occupied as it is small in size and very portable -Less space is required though some troubles of wiring may exist
Lag Time : Least lag time to control the temperature - Highest lag time in controlling the temperature
weight : 50% to 75% less weight - Heavy weight
vertical Ironing : Possible - Not possible


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