Dynamic Wall

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The absolute lack, of oxygen in R2000 homes was the seed, which led to the development of the Dynamic Wall. Tyvek, was also introduced around the same time, allowing the Dynamic Wall to work.

SBPO, spun bonded polyolephin, or Tyvek, would have to seal the entire house; top to bottom. It began, at the bottom sill plate and continued to the top sill plate and all around the roof. Then all, seals through this fabric had to be sealed with a special sealant. This required, specialized companies, which knew how to seal all areas around the fabric. Joints, have to be caulked to eliminate all holes. The edges needed to be taped off, electrical plugs and data plugs had to be wrapped around completely and sealed. Only, knowledgeable applicators could be trusted to build a Dynamic Wall.

This, wrap was placed over the insulation, in the finished wall and ceiling. This is, the first part of building a Dynamic Wall. The final step, was the installation of tiny holes in the drywall, inside the house. These holes, presented an opportunity to satisfy the fresh air requirements and if the system was designed correctly, the air coming in through these holes, would be at around the same temperature as the inside temperature.

As the air, travelled through the SBPO membrane, it went through an air-to-air heat exchange in the wall. Thus, the wall became, the heat exchanger, therefore, the only additional cost to the homeowner is to pay, for the installation and complete sealing of the spun bonded polyolephin; that was all. No need, for an additional heat exchanger.

Hence, the name Dynamic Wall. The heat exchange, takes place inside the insulation. A novel idea, walls heating up fresh air required by code.


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