Big Squeezzer

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Introducing The Big Squeezzer and the little Squeezzer. The photo illustrates the prototype of the little Squeezzer and the drawing illustrates the Big Squeezzer. The Big Squeezzer will cut the package and then squeeze out all of the contents, thus performing two operations with a single item. This product will be used in all areas of the household; from the bathroom –squeezing toothpaste, to the kitchen; squeezing packets of fudge topping mix onto brownies. The prototype is made out of a single pair of thongs and should be able to be manufactured very easily. I envision these Squeezers to be dishwasher safe to make them easy to clean. This item will reduce the time to squeeze out the contents of tubes and packets, and will ensure that the entire contents are squeezed out when you want them, efficiently and effortlessly. The handles are very basic and easy for anybody to use. This product will ensue that every bit of product will be able to be squeezed out and save money by using all of the contents in the package.


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    Andrew Zawisza
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    Materials & Quality Assurance Manager
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    When my wife is preparing meals and she asks for my assistance, I usually get the menial tasks and I became frustrated with the lack of proper tools.
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