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When someone walks into their office building in an uncomfortable suit to look professional, they usually wish they were in something actually comfortable. Then when they walk into a non-professional building after work, they feel left out and want to have another change of clothes. Well now you can. Introducing the In-Suit-Out! The In-Suit-Out is a suit that is comfortable and reversible. When you walk into that non-professional building, you just take off your coat and pants and then reverse it so you fit in. So you go from a nice looking shirt to a casual shirt.


All we do to make it is we sew a suit and then on the inside sew a casual shirt. the sewing will be within the material of the suits so it will not be visible to others.


People will want to buy our product because nobody wants to bring a bag of clothes so that they can change for a special occasion. This will be cheap enough for people to buy.

Problems Before it was Invented:
1. Having to change in between daily things
2. Uncomfortable clothes
3. Looking unprofessional at your job

How it Solves
1. Comfortable
2. Easily change your outfit throughout the day
3. Can always look professional


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    Royce Buckingham
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    Royce Buckingham, Aspen Buckingham, Bryce Johnson, Claire Campbell and Griffin Rinauro
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    Thinking about what our future as a society will look like.
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