Magnetic Pump-Gen

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My idea is just a concept which is based on a simple law of magnetic repulsion.

According to this law, I have made a simple diagrammatic arrangement of a solid metal shaft which can serve as a source of pumping water over small heights as well as can act as shaft for generator.

As per diagrammatic representation, water flows over the plate with vanes which is attached to the solid metal shaft.

The shaft carries a magnet around it which rotates due to magnetic repulsion principle as the shaft is in the vicinity of the magnetic field created due to magnets on its both sides.

The rotating shaft pumps the water.This portion of shaft which is only responsible for rotating the plate is insulated to magnetic field.

The same shaft can act as shaft for the generator which will generate electricity. This portion of shaft is not insulated to magnetic filed.


1) No power source required.
2) Environment friendly.
3) No electricity for pumping water.
4) Low cost assembly.
5) This concept can be used in small villages where there are problems of funding.


1) Feasibility on large scale is difficult.
2) Low production of electricity.
3) Height of pumped water is small.

This is just a concept to reduce power consumption and to make the product more environment friendly as we know that there is major problem of pollution created in electricity production in case of thermal, nuclear,etc. power plants.


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    Akshay Ulmek
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    Global warming is a major problem and one of its source are the power plants. This is the time to change the method of working of these plants. Time once lost will not save our "Only Home-The Earth".
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