Warpo - Universal Gadget Holder

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Warpo is basically a multi-utility gadget holder. Its basic shape is that of an eye. Retractable spring holders emerge from the base in an outward stretching pattern. The base symbolizes the eye of a black hole and the stretchable arms symbolize the warped space around the eye of a black hole and hence the name WARPO !!!

Warpo is a universal gadget holder that can hold gadgets ranging from 5 inches to 10 inches. For people who like getting warped into their gadget, warpo would become their best friend. Figure 1 shows Warpo holding a standard 10 inch-tablet sized box (Blue colour)

People with tablets or mobile phones general carry battery packs or portable speakers along with them, especially people who travel. Warpo has an attachment in which any battery pack or speaker can be attached. Figure 2 (left) depicts the attachment holding a standard battery pack sized box (Yellow colour)

Warpo also has attachments which act as stands. The first stand is flexible and is long. It is made using a flexible stainless steel hose. It can be placed anywhere and adjusted to our need. Figure 3 shows the flexible stand as well as the way in which the attachments are joined. Another stand is a fixed type stand which would only provide the required inclination when placed on a surface. Figure 2 (right) depicts the sketch of the conceived idea.

Another feature that warpo has to offer is that it has small compartments where the user can keep his earphones or any other gadget accessories such as memory cards or extra sim cards etc. These can be observed in Figure 1 at the extreme ends of the base part.

All frames can be made using Thermoplastic material (Polystyrene) and manufactured using Injection moulding process. Retractable Clock springs are used to provide the tension. They are made of spring steels( annealed spring steel, carbon spring steel etc. ) and are generally rolled(cold drawn).

The estimated manufacturing cost (including material, packaging, logistics etc.) of Warpo along with its attachments would cost around Rs.400 per piece for a 100 piece order. For a better understanding of Warpo, take a look at the video of the product.



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