Voice Controlled Adaptor Plug for Home Appliances

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The Problem:

A power adaptor plug allows electrically operated devices to be connected to the primary AC power supply in our home and any other buildings. It may be discomfort for us, when we go for each time to switch on/off each switch in the adaptor plug. Also even when the device is off, it may consume power in a less percentage, which can result in energy loss in the form of heat, in the device power conditioning units. This situation may horrendous; if any stray, fluctuating supply enters and affects the appliances. By using VCAP, we could be able to control the devices from a far away point.

The Product:

Voice Controlled Adaptor Plug (VCAP) allows the user to control the connected appliances using his own voice, rather than following the concept of manual switches. The recognized speech command signals after processed and conditioned gives to a controlling unit, which decides the action of relay in VCAP. VCAP will be available in single socket outlet to multi outlet extension boxes. Unique command voices can be employed as identities for each switch units in case of multi outlet plugs. Thus, this low cost product acts as an assistant device and helps to improve our quality of life.


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